Restaurants Open Christmas Day 2012 in Stark County

Looking for a place to eat on Christmas Day? It’s a short list, but there will be several area restaurants open to serve travelers.

Country Pride Restaurant
Open 24 Hrs.
4450 Portage St. NW, North Canton, Ohio
Take-out Available

Open 24 Hours

4760 Portage St. NW, North Canton, Ohio

22 Massillon Marketplace Dr. SW, Massillon, Ohio

Li Asian Cuisine
4695 Dressler Rd., Canton, Ohio

TGD 365
Open 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
3897 Everhard Rd. NW, Canton, Ohio
Take-out Available

Thorpes Market Ave Grill
Call for hours.
320 Market Ave South, Canton, Ohio
Take-out Available

Waffle House

2512 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton, Ohio

5424 Whipple Ave NW, North Canton, Ohio

Kathy Gray

Kathy Gray is a Social Media Strategist for Pole Position Marketing in Canton, Ohio. Originally from the rural flat lands of Northwest Ohio, she enjoys exploring the rolling hills of Stark County with her husband Aaron and two kids, Andy and Marybeth. They’re always on the lookout for their next big Stark County adventure!

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