Opening Soon The Crush House at Gervasi – A sneak peek!

It seems like new buildings at Gervasi are starting to be an annual thing! The Crush house, which is due to open in October of this year, is one of their newest adventures. The new

The Crush House at Gervasi

The Crush House at Gervasi

building is mainly being built as a way to increase wine production to meet the drastic increase in wine demand for Gervasi wine; not a bad thing. Currently Gervasi is getting 12,000 gallons of wine annually out of a facility designed to produce 8,000 gallons of wine. The new facility is designed to produce 30,000 gallons annually. This facility will boast state of the art wine production including a climate controlled bottling facility using purified water and air to insure quality and minimize the chance for bacteria.  Gervasi produces wine in both stainless steel tanks and oak barrels that come from France and other regional locations. Their goal is to start wine production in the new facility in July. The old wine production facility will be utilized for a prep kitchen, storage and possibly private group dining.

The new Crush house is scheduled to be open for lunch and dinner year round and will feature a lighter, more casual fair than the current Bistro restaurant. In addition there will

Crush House two-story restaurant still under construction

Crush House two-story restaurant still under construction

be a large wine tasting bar that rivals any winery in Ohio. Last year was the first year this new winery was able to harvest their own grapes which consisted of Frankenau and Marquette grapes that went into a variety of blush wines.

The new restaurant, which will accommodate about 80 guests, will cohabitate with the wine production facility in the same building. It will include a two-story casual dining and wine tasting facility with various wrap around covered decks for guests to enjoy. Several private rooms will also be available to seat groups from 10-30 people. One of the private spaces will include a small patio with a fireplace, or you can reserve the tower room, with seating for 12 that includes a vaulted ceiling and a stunning view. The Crush house ceilings will have sound absorbing tiles to minimize noise and some unique features such as a sink shaped like a wine bottle, a wine bar lit from behind with chucks of glass inlaid in the bar, and an open kitchen, all of which will add that special touch Gervasi is known for. Keep your eyes peeled for their grand opening and other exciting events happening at Gervasi throughout the summer

Mary Vlahos

Mary Vlahos has been the Convention Sales Manager for the Canton Stark County CVB for over 10 years, assisting meeting planners with their events and conventions in Canton/Stark County. Mary loves to visit the wineries of Stark County and recommend her favorite wines to her friends and family. Another favorite pastime for Mary and children Jackie and Andrew is hiking though many of the area parks with their dog Bailey. Follow Mary on Twitter @meeteasy.

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